"Origami with Fantasy!" Kaleidoscope Publisher

A wonderful gift to create unique artworks with paper! Includes the history of origami, Japanese myths and many diagrams with instructions in order to create! After seven months the second edition was released!
Cost: 10 €.

«10 decoration and flowers with origami” Kaleidoscope Publisher

Unfold the secrets of the Japanese art of paperfolding and create beautiful flowers and decorations!! Inside the book you will find the corresponding colored paper for each project!!
Read the instructions and follow the step - by step diagrams in order to create unique artwork!
Cost: 5 €.

"10 sea-life origami" Kaleidoscope publisher


With this book you'll be able to create boats, fishes, frogs, whales and many more sea life origami!!! Inside you'll find 10 patterns as well as the corresponding colored paper for each one! Read the instructions and you'll have your own origami ocean!!!

Cost: 5 €



“The adventures of Friksos” Dia Viou Publisher

The fairy tale of a little snake who wants to explore the world! During his travel he’ll meet new friends, and he is going to understand that each of us is unique! Your dreams may come true if you believe in yourself!!
The book is accompanied by cd with the narration of the story, the songs interpreted by Dimitris Zervoudakis and the Children's Choir of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Kalamaria! The book can be used for theatrical performances! For four years, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and with the approval of Ministry of Education, the play was presented in Olympion Cinema, as part of the educational programs of the Film Festival of Thessaloniki.
Cost: 16 €